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#3362 - 05/21/03 11:14 PM Sending and receving by cellular phone

I would like to expand mine HA installation, engine Ocelot, with the possibility to receive messages and to send commands via my cellular phone. I have seen some products in the current market but they are a bit over the top of mine wallet. So the question is, is there a solution to mine whishes which also keeps mine wallet breathing. In 2002 I copied an article from Michael Jones whom written a program to sends messages to a pager. Is this also a possibility to send SMS to cellular? But then I would also like to send for instance a reset to a relays to reset the engine. Sometimes I suffer from gaps which disorder mine HA program. A power reset will sort out at that time, but this is very inconvience when I am on holyday and the Oce is watching over our properties.
#3363 - 05/22/03 01:24 AM Re: Sending and receving by cellular phone

I forgot to tell you I would like a thing attached to the Ocelot instead of an PC alway standingby. I know the last option is more easy but ...well I always try to do the things the hard way.
#3364 - 05/22/03 02:45 PM Re: Sending and receving by cellular phone
Joe Thielen Offline

Registered: 01/14/03
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Loc: Toledo, OH
I don't know if you're going to do this without a computer, unless you design a custom embedded system.

If you're also concerned about your Ocelot locking up you could have the computer monitor the Ocelot and reset it's power if it does lock. And vice versa, you could have the Ocelot monitor the computer, and reset it if it locks up, too .

How do you monitor the Ocelot from the PC? One way is to have the Ocelot send out an ASCII command regularly (every 5, 10, or 15 minutes). If the PC doesn't receive the code after a preset amount of time, then it could reset the Ocelot. How? Using a relay turned on or off from one of the outputs on the parallel port (see for my old stuff).

On the Ocelot side that's easier. Have the PC send a command to increment a variable. If the variable doesn't increment in a certain amount of time, then have the ocelot reset the computer. Either use a RLY8 output to directly reset the power itself, or you could jury rig the computers reset button like someone else suggested here sometime ago.

OK, back to the main question... since we're already hooking up a computer :rolleyes: , getting the cell phone to work won't be a problem if you've got a good Internet connection . You can have an HDML (or whatever they use now... after my inital dissapointment with the "wireless web", I've stayed away from it) page (either static or dynamic depending on what you want to do ).

Welp, I know this doesn't help you much, but maybe it'll give someone else an idea!

#3365 - 05/22/03 10:57 PM Re: Sending and receving by cellular phone

Thank you Joe for your comments and idea's. But I really do not want a running computer when I am not at home. Donít ask me why, but I just do not like the idea. I posted this link at this internet store you can buy stuff to do just what I like. But it is to expensive for me.

I am now looking at the Siemens TC35T terminal modem. It is designed for connection to devices who can talk via RS232. So at this time I think this will perform just what I want. It needs some code in the Oce but I can send and receive with mine cellular, I think. The Siemens modem cost around the $300 so that will a good affordable alternative to me. But I am still in the process of investigation.,2950,53_0_0_105_0_0_0,FF.html

#3366 - 05/23/03 05:12 AM Re: Sending and receving by cellular phone
Steven Cook Offline

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This phone device @$145 lets you call in and generate X10 commands using touch tones. You can program Ocelot to perform sequences triggered by the x10 codes. It works great.

An x10 module on the Ocelot power supply could enable a reset.

Feedback is a little more difficult(expensive). Consider a pc and pcAnywhere for this. pc could also capture events and generate emails to your sms system with some programming.

#3367 - 05/31/03 05:01 PM Re: Sending and receving by cellular phone
JC Offline

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Loc: Mascouche, Quebec, Canada
Most cellular phones now use the WEB to send and receive text messages. This requires either a PC, or one of the new generation of WEB enabled modems in which you can preconfigure an e-mail account. This only handles outgoing messages to your cell phone. For incomming commands, the use of an X10 telephone controller as previously mentionned is the simplest method. The telephone controller by X10 is inexpensive and works fine.

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