Napoleon posted:
Hi Dan, here is the .PGM program, it's for the Ocelot

What it does (I hope):
Controls during the year the 24 hours sprinkler system, i.e. 24 hrs
clocks drive 220volt water-valves, and the Ocelot will drive the
Current to the Clocks. The plan is to later-on enhance with a Rain
Meter etc.

Multi Camera Switching, but not through the transformers but through
this program, this saves me to buy very expensive 220volt power
transformers and allows me a higher level of freedom, i.e. more than 4

Simple House Domotica

Advanced (?) Security System, with special "castell" mode for locking
people out when inside the house, a panic mode, a pre-alarm-warning,
and a guard mode when around the house and want to be alerted when
motion sensors trip. 3 x 110 db x10 powerhorns, but not yet a dialler.

VCR Recording when an alarm is triggered, and a link with the house
domotica. Not yet web-controlled viewing.