Steve Contributed:
Our house runs many X-10 modules mostly controlled via RF remote. In fact we
don't even own a plug-in controller.

After seeing the programs submitted I thought I'd throw mine into to lot.
This is a version 1.70j program which I have been using with little change
since about 11-2002. I last modified it on 02-01-2002. I've tried using
various programming techniques to implement the behavior we desire. Some are
straight forward, while others are not.

I have been relatively please with the Ocelot. The programming is a bit of a
bear because there is no ELSE to compliment the IF and THEN functions, and
the almost total lack of following Windows standard GUI protocols. I have
yet to make use of version 2.0d other than to install and run it. You have
added some nice features, but like others I feel there is a lot more work to
be done.

I hope someone find my efforts informative.

Stephen Corthell