Flat area of ​​45m2, which is implemented in the management:

2 areas of electric underfloor heating;
lighting (scripts, motion sensors);

Besides installed:

prevent water leakage;
security alarm;
CCTV with recording and viewing via the Internet;
obschekvartirnaya LAN;
home theater system;

Automation can be controlled from any mobile device - from the phone to the tablet. For example, you can enable more work to half an hour before arriving home split system.

1pc. Ocelot Controller
1pc. Win Alpha SE Controller
1pc. CPU-XA Network Server
3pcs. Secu16
2pcs. SE6i5o
1pc. BobCat Temp


Touch Screen Panel Delta DopB 10,1"

Sony Tablet

Legrand Switch

Web Interface (Ocelot + CPU-XA Server)