I have had two side-by-side WS467 X10 wall switches operating lights on opposite sides of a carport for more than a decade.
Last year a storm destroyed one, and I replaced it with what appeared to be a re-designed model WS467 (with bigger house/unit dials)

Even when set to the same house and unit code, the newer switch "lags behind" the older when dimming, i.e., appear to require more dim commands to match the brightness of the other.

So I replaced the other old wall switch, and now they both behave the same, but my existing Ocelot program is hosed because the dimmers dont dim as much as before.

What changed? There are still 16 steps of dimming resolution, right?
Im OK with re-writing the CMAX program, but it seems the rules have changed -- or am I missing something?

(I posted a more ocelot-specific question at
before finding this category, so I apologize if it's too much duplication.)