Are you trying to learn an IR code and no matter what you do, the red "Waiting for IR Learn" window just stays there?

This will happen if there is no C-Max program loaded in the Ocelot or Leopard. Sometimes people who plan to use their controller with an outside application such as Homeseer, HAL, etc don't plan on using any C-Max code for their setups and thus don't load a program in the controller. It is easy to see if there is a program loaded in the controller: look at the "Active" LED (top LED on a Leopard). If it blinks a 4 blink sequence then you have a loaded program and IR learning should work. If however you see a 3 blink sequence, then there is no loaded program in the controller and you will not be able to lear IR codes with it. If this is the case, then you should at least load a dummy program into it in order to be able to learn IR.

Here is a procedure to load a simple program into your Ocelot or Leopard: From the main C-Max screen, double click on the first line of the program editor and the Contro Wizard will pop up. Click on the down arrow of the list box showing "IF" and select "END". Then close the Command Wizard. You should now see a "End Program" line on the first line. Now attach to the controller ("Comms" --> "Attach to Controller") and under "Program File" click on "Download Program in Editor to Controller". This will start the program load and you should see a progress bar as the writing progresses. Once it is finished, the controller will restart. Look for the 4 blink sequence of the Active LED and then you should be able to learn IR codes without a problem.