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#18020 - 04/03/07 01:14 PM Have HAL2000 do the work or the Ocelot?
twisterf4 Offline

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I have HAL2000 hooked up to an Ocelot and a few SECU units. Right now I have the Ocelot tell HAL when something happens and HAL decides what to do (turn on light, text to speech, open/close garage door, etc...).

Should I offload more of the work to the Ocelot, or continue to have HAL2000 do the work? Programming in HAL is much easier for most things, but not a versatile sometimes. Much of my code (rules/macros/flags) in HAL is based on House Modes and flags which the Ocelot is not aware of.


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#18021 - 04/03/07 02:20 PM Re: Have HAL2000 do the work or the Ocelot? [Re: twisterf4]
Guy Lavoie Administrator Offline
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Should I offload more of the work to the Ocelot, or continue to have HAL2000 do the work?

Most people with similar setups will usually set up the more critical functions in the Ocelot because of the higher reliability over a PC. These are usually functions involving security and timed macros affecting energy usage. If the functions are quite self contained and don't require much input from HAL or other sources of information.

Think in terms of what you absolutely want to keep running even if the PC crashed.
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#20565 - 11/19/08 09:16 PM Re: Have HAL2000 do the work or the Ocelot? [Re: Guy Lavoie]
trevor Offline

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Loc: Sydney, Australia

I use both HAl and the Ocelot (and a Leopard) for some tasks. Sending X-10 to switch of the coffee machine in the morning, for example. (A very important task!). I send X-10 from both machines.

For wake up (also important) I set the time on a Leo screen, which tel the Ocelot what wake up time is. I have a battery back up on the Ocelot/Leo, so a power outage doesn't mess things up.

In the morning, the ocelot tells HAl to speak, while t puts on any necessary lights, and turns on the coffee, of course.

I agree with Guy (Doesn't everyone :-) ), but you should also consider that, while PC's are notoriously unreliable, they are also good at anything multimedia.

So, the Ocelot runs my house.
I use the Leopard to interact with it.
The PC does the talking/plays music/backs up the Ocelots x10.

Kind regards,

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#21634 - 02/16/10 09:58 PM Re: Have HAL2000 do the work or the Ocelot? [Re: twisterf4]
pinku Offline

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This message is in response to a different thread. The response did not directly address the question so I decided to start a new topic on it since I think it is information others are interested in and will be easier to find.

A common problem with IR control is the Power button on the remote. It
will toggle between on and off. So if you tell HAL to turn the TV on,
it might be turning it off.

There are different ways to try and solve this issue. Including:

Trying to find a way for the DVD, CD player, etc to turn on by not using
the Power button. Such as Play, or eject on a remote will sometimes not
only do their normal function but also power on the device.

There are sensors you can buy that can determine whether the IR device
is on or off. Feed that sensor info into HAL via one of the supported
I/O interfaces or an X10 power flash module. Then program in HAL to
know the state and do what is appropriate on an on or off command.

You can also turn the power on/off using HAL therefore HAL would always
know the state.

However, this thread is about getting discrete on and off IR commands
for your current IR devices. If your remote has discrete on/off
commands then their is a separate IR signal for On and for off. So if
you send off and the TV is off it will stay off.

If your remote has this options then you would not create 1 power button
in HAL but a separate power on and power off button, training each one
with their discrete code.

However, most remotes do not have discrete on and off on them. This
does not mean that your IR devices does not support discrete on an off
however. You will see at message boards like that the Pronto remote has discrete on/off commands for many IR devices.

I've not been to remotecentral in a while but at the time they had a
list of hex numbers that can be entered in the Pronto remote to allow it
to work with non-advertised discrete on and off codes.

I have a customer who was in the process of working on this at the time
and he gave me some info that I never worked on (but still do plan to
someday). So the rest of this is his words, and has never been tried by
me or anyone else at HAL.

In general he said:
You can cut and paste the Pronto hex info you find at remotecentral into
a text file you will can call '' for example. Then create a
build file called something.bld (both are text files created in wordpad
or notepad). You can then use Jay hoggs ir tools to convert pronto hex
into an lir file which the Ocelot works with.

Download Jay's ir tools from the link on your website here (please note this is available for
non-commercial use). Not all discrete codes are listed at remote
central, but depending upon the IR format one can hard code the hex to
create one. I have noticed some odd things with some codes. Sometimes
you have to transmit the code twice for it to work (JVC vcr). So if it
doesn't work, play with it before discounting it. Also, if you can't
find a discrete you may be able to find another button on the remote
which turns the unit on.

He also talked about a Genirdb program from Remotecentral.

If you are using the Ocelot as your HAL IR controller you can then
import the lir file into the Ocelot and take advantage of theses
discrete IR codes. In HAL you would need to fake train these buttons in
HAL, so create the button go to the training area, but don't click
Train, just click ok, HAL will use the next IR memory location, if that
is where this IR code was imported then HAL would use it. At this time
HAL still does not have the ability to select the IR memory location.

If others have more information in this type of process, or would like to amend some of the things I said then please do so.
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#22526 - 05/30/11 09:30 PM Re: Have HAL2000 do the work or the Ocelot? [Re: pinku]
markcrony Offline

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Loc: 1905 Willow Ave, Weehawken, NJ...
Visit the link to find how Ocelot communicates with HAL2000:
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#22901 - 01/28/12 02:49 PM Re: Have HAL2000 do the work or the Ocelot? [Re: markcrony]

Thank you for this article. Thatís all I can say. You most definitely have made this post into something special. You clearly know what you are doing, youíve covered so many bases.Thanks!
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