Here are tips for setting up a reliable adnet bus and for troublshooting if you are having problems:

- Place the master controller (Ocelot or Leopard) at one end of the bus instead of in the middle.

- Connect the modules in a daisy chain instead of a star or with multiple branches.

- Use twisted pair wiring for the Comms A and B signals to help reduce any induced noise problems. Regular Cat 5 network wire is good for this.

- Avoid running the bus wires near electrical noise sources and high voltage (line voltage). Noise sources can be things like ballasts, dimmers, motors, etc. Keep a few feet away from these. Avoid running bus wires in parallel with high voltage cabling over any more distance then necessary and if they need to cross, do so at 90 degrees.

- If it seems to work ok with a few modules but then becomes erratic when more modules are added, try adding a 120 ohm termination resistor at the last module (end of the bus opposite the master controller). If you cannot find a 120 ohm resistor, 150 ohms would also be ok.

- Remember that the master controller will scan for modules up to the value of its parameter 3. Anytime you run an autoaddressing procedure, parameter 3 gets set to the highest address you just set to a module. If you are then reconnecting other previously addressed modules or are adding slaves whose addresses are set manually, make sure parameter 3 of the master is adjusted if necessary.

If you suspect that you might have a damaged module due to lightning or similar mishap, the comms chip may have been blown. In all the controllers and modules except the bobcats, this chip is socketed and can easily be replaced. Look for an 8 pin chip (in a socket) with 75176 in the part number. These can usually be bought for about $1 each or so at electronic component distributors and mail order sites such as Jameco, Digikey, etc. Make sure that you are ordering a DIP (dual inline package) part. Surface mount components with designations like SO (small outline) will not work. It might be a good idea to get a couple of spares while you're at it.

The bobcats use soldered-on surface mount parts and cannot be replaced without specialized equipment. You can inquire about getting these repaired by ADI by sending an email to