The printed manual that you may have received with your Ocelot or Leopard does not reflect all the new features added since the release of C-Max 2.00. A new and more complete manual (with examples, application notes, etc) can be downloaded from the Applied Digital website (click on the date of the version you want):

The latest version of the C-Max software can be obtained here:

There is also a utility (IR-Max) available to edit and manage learned infrared (IR) codes, and import Pronto codes. You can download the utility and the manual here:


Saving IR codes from the controller to file always reads all 1024 code locations. It is possible however to load a lower number of codes back into the controller by creating a LIR file with less codes in it. It will always write from code location 0 upwards but if you're only using say 150 codes, you can at least limit the LIR file to the first 150 locations and make loads much faster. ADI has created a modified version of IR-Max allowing you to specify the number of codes to save to the LIR file. This is done by putting the desired number of codes to be saved in the "Size" edit box in the lower right. Here is a link to this version: