If you just applied power to your new Leopard II and the initial screen shows "Decora Home Automation", then your Leopard had an OEM application loaded on it which needs to be updated (overwritten) in order to use it with C-Max. The OEM application was written specifically for Leviton X-10 devices and sends extended X-10 commands (even for On/Off commands) not usually supported by other brands.

What you need to do is reload the executive in the Leopard so that it supports user created programs. In C-Max, click on "Comms" --> "Comms Setup" and in the setup screen, select the "PC Programming" radio button (instead of "Onscreen Programming"). Then connect to the Leopard with "Comms" --> "Attach to Controller" and under the "Controller Utility", select "Reload Controller Executive". This will cause C-Max to overwrite the canned Leviton application with the executive that allows you to create your own screens and IF/THEN logic. Creating programs and screens is explained in detail in the downloadable Leopard manual. Manuals and updates can be downloaded from the links shown here:


If your Leopard is already powered up, start reading in section 1.6 for a sample programming project.