- Have you added a new SECU16 or SECU16I module to your system and it seems that no matter what you do, the inputs always appear to be reporting as "off" status?

- Or were you using a C-Max version prior to version 2.00 sucessfully with your new module but when you upgraded to 2.00, the module inputs are now doing this?

- Or is your comms blink rate much slower (with lots of pauses) since you added a new SECU16 or SECU16I to your system?

Check the following:

With C-Max, retrieve the module parameters (under "Module Utlities" in the controller access screen) and see if that module's parameter 4 is set to 0. If it isn't, click on it and set it to 0. The "password" that will allow you to change module parameters is the value of parameter 6 for module #1. After that is changed, power cycle your controller and module, and then test it again.

Parameter 4 should always be set to 0 for an Adicon system. The other setting is for an OEM (non-Adicon) application that requires a different response format from the module.