Gary contributed:

The program allows timings and priorities to be set manually on screen 5
for up to 8 zones. These will start running about 15 seconds after the
first zone is entered. There is a 15 second delay between zone
activations. The run times for each zone count down to zero during

Program start times and priorities are set for each zone on screen 8
similar to the way they are done on screen 5. The program can be enabled
or disabled on this screen without loosing the program settings.

Start time for the program is entered on screen 9. The program functions
by copying the program settings over to the manual settings at the
designated start time.

I am using a humidity bobcat to check for rain. If the bobcat reads >
94% for 5 minutes, it is assumed to be raining and the program is
interrupted. This sets a flag which is displayed as a Leopard status
light. Rain flags for use with the Leopard status lights are stored by
setting relays on a non-existent relay module on address #12.

I did not implement odd-even day logic as that is not usually an issue
here although it would be easy to do. I found it just as easy to toggle
the program on or off when needed.

Hope this is useful,

Gary Tench